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How to get more likes and fans on TikTok

It is your first day on TikTok, you create your first video very carefully then put amazing soundtrack and do everything you can to make it more cool. It is not a surprise that you can get one million views in your first days and get much fame and likes on TikTok but unfortunately you can get 100 views and very little hearts instead. If you will not choose your hashtags wisely and do some nice promotion of your first video, send some comments to other people to encourage them to visit your profile and see video, pay for some extra advertises and try TikTok hackthen you shall not get a very big success unless you get very lucky.

More informations about the apps

Have you ever tried to use Musically? It is almost the same thing! They are both very similar. TikTok and are getting more and more famous especially in the Europe and USA.
What is the advantage of TikTok? Which is the better option?
It is not a secreet that TikTok is getting updated more often. 

What you can do to make your TikTok videos better and more famous?

Do you have a very bad mobile phone? I am worried that you can get very little views and popularity then. Quality is one of the most important things on TikTok, if you have a good IPhone or any other mobile phone with awesome camera then you are ready to start getting a lot of fans!
Try to find out some interesting niche and content for your videos. You would have more chance to be recognized. You can create your own content and try to get free TikTok followers from your chosen type and region. 

Be nice to other people!

Try to chat with other people from your chosen niche, send them many hearts and comments and ask for repay. Do not be shy, everybody do this to get more fans and of course use ourfree TikTok fans guide to get more fans everyday! We wish you a great success and fun . 
Another great idea is to add some astonishing and colourful effects to your video, try to compare it with dance and hands moves and make something great. People tend to make quick boring videos or steal some ideas from the most famous TikTok users. Be more creative and spend much time to create something unique and adorable.

Posting method
Another method is to post few videos every single day and get best results. Visit our TikTok hack and save more time! If you do not have time to make videos during the week, try to do it at the weekend then wake up 5 minutes earlier and upload your videos to TikTok before school or your work.
React! Delete all your negative or strange comments. Everybody knows that there are many different types of people over the internet. One human will like your content and other will hate it. We must all agree with that, be patient and control our posts.